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About our Director

Tiffany Chacon has been with Sonflower Christian Preschool from the first planning stages in 2017. Sonflower Christian Preschool came about as the result of a restructuring to provide more resources to the preschool program. As the director of our previous program, Columbine Christian Preschool, Tiffany developed a program that flourished and continued to grow.

Tiffany has 7 years teaching experience in infant/toddler and preschool programs both as a teacher and director. Tiffany has completed extensive training throughout her career to develop essential skills for working with students in all different domains and learning abilities.

Tiffany in the classroom... Walking into the classroom you may find Tiffany elbow deep in sticky slime, singing one of our favorite class songs, or playing hide and seek with students outside. As a teacher Tiffany is always fully engaged with the students, and attentive to all students in the room. It is so important for teachers to be both approachable and able to guide a classroom effectively. With students Tiffany works to ensure that e

ach student is learning the life skills they need to be successful from putting on their shoes independently to solving a problem (both solo problems and group problems). Families comes out of our program

with a strong personal connection to her.

Tiffany's professional background... Tiffany began working with students at a young age working as a nanny (2 years), at summer camps (2 years), mentoring youth (1 year), or assisting with special needs classes (2 years), or volunteering with local youth and special needs programs. She has always had a heart for teaching. After college Tiffany returned home to Durango and began her professional career in education with a local infant/toddler program. Shortly after working with infant/toddlers Tiffany moved to a preschool program where she was a lead teacher for the youngest learners and obtained experience as an assistant director. Tiffany was invited to direct Columbine Christian Preschool in 2016 where she found her "dream job". Tiffany always says, "I love going to work everyday. It's not work, but a place where I can use the gifts God gave me. Where else can I help children to become successful in their life while also sharing the great news of Jesus." Throughout the conception and first year of our program Tiffany has worked tirelessly to provide a program that meets each child where they are and partners with families to develop them into who they can be.

Tiffany's personal side... Tiffany is a mom to 6 year old twins who she thinks are amazing! As a family, Tiffany and her husband love to explore our local community (and sometimes a little further). She is an avid camper as well as heading out to nearby trails for a fun weekend backpacking trip with the family. Tiffany loves gardening, exploring outside, crafting, and having fun with kiddos. Tiffany's dream day would start off with making waffles with her kids (rainbow waffles are usually the request), spending some time singing to worship songs while picking up around the house, heading up to Engineer for a day hike with her dog and family, and returning home for some Zia's. Her evening would end with a hot cup of tea out on the porch while catching up with friends.

We are so happy to have Tiffany as our Director and a Lead Teacher. She gives 100% to every action with our program. When she doesn't have the answer, which many of us don't, she is eager to reach out to someone who will. We live in a small community, and we deeply appreciate how she connects our program to the residents of Durango.

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