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Help for At-Home Learning Happiness

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

As I sit in my living room this evening I am reminded of the sweet treasure of family togetherness that I have been able to enjoy these past few days. My goal this week is to enjoy more time with my family, and less time trying to control the chaos. I am sure that many of you are in the same position as me, searching for more enjoyment of your time together. This tip is going to help you as much as it helps me, and that is how having a daily plan, and sharing this plan with my children helps everyone know what to expect, and transitions go much smoother. Try creating a simple plan for your days of At Home Learning to create more treasured memories during this time.

Morning At Home Learning RoutineI

(Adjust to fit your families needs)

Wake up and quiet play

Breakfast - Family Style :)

Worship Activity

Wash and Dress

Put out Fine Motor Activity for your child to complete for 5-15 minutes

Enjoy a story together followed with 10-15 minutes of playtime together.

Give your child 1 hour of free play. Remind them of their expectations during this time, and set a timer.

Complete the Language/Literacy Activity or Math/Science Activity together for 10-15 minutes

Join Circle Time at 11 AM

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Activity (While you make lunch)

Lunch - Family Style

Rest/Nap (30 minutes minimum is recommended)

Complete Culture/Art Activity together for 10-15 minutes

Enjoy the evening!

Remember that this is a guide that is meant to be suited to fit your family's needs. While this guide may seem busy, this may allow you to have a productive time with your child feeding their need for attention, and giving you time to complete the other tasks that still need to be completed, whether work-related or home-related. Play is the best way for your child to learn, so remember to have fun and enjoy the little moments...these are the moments that you are really teaching.

At-Home Learning Tips

  1. Provide your child with flexible seating options including a table and a cozy area.

  2. Ensure that background noise is overwhelming. Try to turn off electronics and use calm voices to promote a peaceful room. It’s amazing what happens when the adults start whispering. :)

  3. Have fun! These activities are not meant to be stressful for the child or you! If you find that either of you are getting frustrated, take a break, and try at a later time.

  4. You are teaching your child all day, do not feel pressured to complete all activities every day. Fit in what works best for your family.

  5. Set your expectations for your child and tell them. Make sure that you follow what you say. (Ex. I am so excited you get to play with playdough. Remember that we need to keep the playdough on the table, and when we are done we will clean everything up before leaving.)


We have been learning about how God has made us to move. Physical activity is important to maintain our physical health just as being active in our community is important for our emotional health. This collection of activities is designed to bring focus to physical health and community health while focusing on the different learning domains of our young students. All of these activities can be completed at home with just a few minutes of prep work. Enjoy one or all activities!

I will be updating these activities each evening for the next day. Be sure to check back and comment below with your favorite activities. :)

Click Here to see Monday's Activity suggestions

Click Here to see Tuesday's Activity suggestions

Click Here to see Wednesday's Activity suggestions

Click Here to see Thursday's Activity suggestions

Click Here to see Friday's Activity suggestions

Community Resources

Cooking Matters is providing some fun Online Family Nutrition Education for FREE. Make sure to check out their events below!

Click Here to head to the Cooking Matters Website

  • Wednesday 1/13 12-1 pm Title: CM@H: Kids Say Yes to Fruits and Veggies Description: Discuss ideas to incorporate and help kids enjoy more fruits and vegetables, utilizing produce in all its forms, meal and snack ideas, and time-saving prep tips. Registration Link: **All participants that fill out a short survey following the session will receive a $10 gift card to City Market

  • Wednesday 1/20 10-11 am Topic: CM@H: No More Mealtime Madness Description: This session will introduce fundamentals of maintaining a basic pantry and discuss ways to involve kids in meal planning to create more buy-in at mealtime. Registration Link: **All participants that fill out a short survey following the session will receive a $10 gift card to City Market

  • Wednesday 1/27 12-1 pm Title: CM@H: Hack Your Snack Description: Discuss ideas for homemade snacks, ideas for saving time and money when buying and preparing healthy snacks, and how to involve kids in snack preparation at home. Registration Link: **All participants that fill out a short survey following the session will receive a $10 gift card to City Market

  • Wednesday 2/3 530-630pm Title: CM@H: Drink to Your Health Description: Discuss the benefits of drinking water, how sugary drinks impact health, healthy beverages that you can make at home, and how to identify sugar on a Nutrition Facts Panel. Registration Link: **All participants that fill out a short survey following the session will receive a $10 gift card to City Market


Activity Kits for Kids and Teens Available for Curbside Pick Up



Durango Public Library Are you missing the youth programming at Durango Public Library? We are now offering weekly Activity Kits for curbside pickup. Activity Kits include the necessary supplies for one kid to complete a project and are available for pre-school, elementary, and teenage levels. Each Tuesday a new Activity Kit will be released, and they will be available while supplies last. Call 970-375-3380 or email to request an Activity Kit. Initial funding was provided by the Friends of the Durango Public Library. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant 45.310: State Library Program. This week's kits: Preschool: Paper Chain Snakes Elementary: DIY Bouncy Balls Teen: Optical Illusion Sand Art

These People Want to Help You

Please don't forget that we have childhood specialists that partner with our families to help YOU! Feel free to reach out to these individuals for support.

Secret: I use these resources as a mom myself :)

Sarah Khan

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

(Student and Parent Support)


Bonnie Waller

Child Care Health Consultant

(School Nurse)


Pastor Gary Force

Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Durango

(Spiritual Support)


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