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Nehemiah Built the Wall Day 1 Activities for Preschoolers

We have been learning about how God has made us to move. Physical activity is important to maintain our physical health just as being active in our community is important for our emotional health. This collection of activities is designed to bring focus to physical health and community health while focusing on the different learning domains of our young students. All of these activities can be completed at home with just a few minutes of prep work. Enjoy one or all activities!

At-Home Learning Worship

Print the picture above of this month's memory verse for your child to color this week.

God wants me to work hard.

Read Nehemiah Built the Wall (Download the stroyr by clicking below) or watch here.

Download PDF • 1.88MB

Take turns pretending to be a servant and a king with your child. You will need a cup, a napkin, and a chair for the throne. The king will sit in the chair, and the servant (cupbearer) will get the king water, and a napkin, and clean up afterwards. Take turns with the different roles and discuss what it means to be a servant for others.

At-Home Learning Math/Science - Frogs on the Lily Pad

Using scrap paper, cut out circular shapes and label them numbers 1 - 10 to make 10 “lily pads”. Line the lily pads up in numerical order leaving space in between each pad. Tell your child that they will pretend to be a frog and hop onto each lily pad saying the number, starting with number 1. Make this game even trickier by showing them a number using your fingers, and having them jump like a frog to the correct lily pad. *Expand this activity by using teen numbers or adding addition facts when finding a number.

At-Home Learning Language/Literacy - Rhyme Time

Sing Nursery Rhymes with your child and emphasize rhyme. Hickory Dickory Dock is one of our past rhymes from earlier this winter. Embed numbers in this nursery rhyme by representing the time with your fingers for an added math element.

At-Home Learning Culture/Art - Paint to the Beat

Set up this next activity with watercolor or tempera paint and a large piece of paper. Play some music for your child to paint too. Try different music genres and ask them how the music makes them feel.

At-Home Learning Gross Motor & Fine Motor - Lion on the Loose and Playdough Play

Play “Lion on the Loose” with your child. A hallway or outside is recommended for proper space. Take a step each time you say a number. When the “Lion is on the Loose” run back to the start.

1, 2 At the zoo (clap hands);

3, 4 Lions roar (make claws with both hands and roar);

5, 6 Elephant kicks (kick one leg forward);

7, 8 Breaks the gate (mime breaking a stick between 2 hands);

9, 10 Count again (shake one index finger);

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Lion on the loose!

Make play dough for the week using this quick recipe. Make sure to save the dough in an airtight container for long time enjoyment. After making the playdough, use an ice cube tray to make bricks and build the wall like Nehemiah. Talk about how the workers must have worked hard for quite a while to build such a big wall. It’s a good thing that God made us to move.

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