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Nehemiah Built the Wall Day 3 Activities for Preschoolers

We have been learning about how God has made us to move. Physical activity is important to maintain our physical health just as being active in our community is important for our emotional health. This collection of activities is designed to bring focus to physical health and community health while focusing on the different learning domains of our young students. All of these activities can be completed at home with just a few minutes of prep work. Enjoy one or all activities!

At-Home Learning Worship

God wants me to work hard.

Read Nehemiah Built the Wall (Download the story by clicking below) or watch here.

Download • 1.88MB

Join us during Circle Time at 11 am today for special worship led by Pastor Gary! This is one of our weekly routines, so your child should know just what to do. We will start with our regular circle routine followed by our worship story. Check your email for the zoom link.

At-Home Learning Gross Motor - Get Moving!

Watch the story Get Moving! (Click Here) and then practice moving with your little one. Have your child move in different ways around the circle as a group or around their own circle, such as a hula hoop or a circle outlined with tape on the floor. Play music and then say, "Jump around the circle, walk, crawl, walk sideways, hop, etc." For extra fun find this song to use: "Walk around the Circle" – Music and words by Hap Palmer

At-Home Learning Language/Literacy - A Letter for You!

Today your child will practice the order of the letters in their name. You will need an envelope with their name written on the front. We prefer to use capital letters, but you may introduce lower case too. Inside of the envelope place the letters of their name written on individual squares of paper. Give your child the stuffed envelope and ask them to build their name with the letters inside. :)

We also have a categorizing activity for today. Print the documents below and practice categorizing items you would find inside and items you would find outside. You can even take this activity with you throughout the day testing to see how they apply this knowledge.

Download PDF • 573KB
Download PDF • 280KB

At-Home Outdoor Learning

Head to your backyard and Wiggle around. Can you spy any animals from your house? At school, we've been talking a lot about birds. Challenge your child to build a nest. What outside items would they use if they were a bird? How would they make sure that it stays warm in the nest? What would the birds eat during the winter? Have fun and imagine.

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